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Noi Volkov

12204 Velvet Hill Dr. Owings Mills, MD, 21117

443 224 8622

Museum  Collections

            Museum De  Young, San Francisco, CA

            MINT Museum, Sharlott, NC

            Arizona State Museum, AZ

            Arkansas  Art Center,Little Rock, AK

            Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco, CA

            Oberlin University  Museum, Oberlin, OH

            American  University Museum, Washington D.C

            Liberty Museum in Philadelphia, PA

            National Museum of Ceramics in Baltimore, MD

            Museum of Contemporary Russian Art in Jersey City, NJ

            Zimmerly Art Museum,Rutgers University in New  Brunswick , NJ

            Cremona Foundation,Norton DodgeCollection, Mechanicsville, MD

            National Museum of Ceramics in Kiev, Ukraine


Private Collections


              Gerald & Daphna Kramer Teapot Collection

              Artur Goldberg Collection

              Alisa Cohen,Boca Raton,FL

              Rozelle Grossman ,Palm Beach,FL

              Sara Morgan Collection,Houston,TX

              Jorden Nye Collection,Santa Fe,NM

              Roger Dalsheimer  Collection, Baltimore, MD.         

              Sandy  Basser  Collection, Santa Fe,NM.

              Kamm Collection by Gloria and Sonny Kamm, New York, NY.

              Georg Klein Collection, Sweden.(The  Noble Prize Loureat in

              Microbiology).               .           

              Billy Wilder Collection.(The World Famouse Movie Director ,

              Art Collector).

              Governor William Donald Schaefer Collection,Baltimore, MD.




              Jewish Times, 2010

              Art News, 2009

              D.& S.Basser Collection,Fine Art Museums of San Francisco, 2007     

              Baltimore Sun, 2007

              Decorative Art,by Judith Miller,London, 2006

              A dictionary of Twentieth Century Russian & Soviet Painters,

              Matthew Cullerne Bown, London, 2006 
              500 Figures in Clay, Lark Books, 2004

              Santa Fean, April 2004

              Craft Report Magasine, 2003

              Clay Times Magasine, 2003

              Baltimore City Paper, 2003

              Yakimono, 2002

             “Ceramics Monthly” , 2002

             “The Artful Teapot”  by Garth Clark, 2001

              National Review in the “ Art News”magazine, 2000

             “From Gulag to Glastnost” by Norton Dodge, 1995

             “Baltimore Sun", 1995



Major Solo Exhibitions and International Shows


2010         Habatat Galleries,Washington,DC

               Art Palm Beach,FL

2009        International images,Pittsburg,PA

               Habatat Galleries,Boca Raton,FL

               Palm Beach3,FL

2008        SOFA Chicago,Il

               Goldesberry Gallery,Houston,TX

               Habatat Galleries,Tysons Corner,VA

               Palm Beach 3

2007        Goldesberry Gallery,Houston,TX

               Palm Beach 3,FL

2006       “New Teapots by Noi Volkov”,Camino Real Gallery,Boca   Raton,FL

               SOFA  Chicago,IL.

               SOFA New York,NY.

               R.Duan Reed Gallery,NY,NY.

               Art Miami,FL.

               Art Palm Beach,FL.

2005        SOFA Chicago,IL.

               Jane Sauer Thirteen Moons Gallery,Santa Fe,NM.

               SOFA New York,NY.

               Art Palm Beach,FL.

               Art Miami,FL.

2004        Camio Real Gallery,Art Center Boca Raton,FL.

               SOFA Chicago,IL.

               Thirteen Moons Gallery, Santa Fe,NM.

               SOFA New York,NY.

               Art Palm Beach,FL.

               Art Miami,FL.

2003        SOFA New York,NY.

               Irving Gallery Palm Beach,FL.

               Art Palm Beach,FL.                                                                                                                                                 

2002        John Elder Gallery ,NY ,NY.

               Irving Gallery, Palm Beach, FL.

2001        Alla Rogers Gallery, Washington, DC.

2000        International Images Gallery, Sewickley ,PA.

1999        International Teapot Show,Garth Clarc Gallery,NY,NY.                               

1998        Goldman Gallery, Rockville, MD.                         

1997        Ziontalis Gallery, New York, NY.

1996        Europa Gallery,W.Bloomfield, MI.
1992        Gregory Gallery, Washington , DC.
1991        Gregory Gallery, Washington, DC.

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